About Us

It started simply with inviting a few friends to my villa for dinner.

I had wanted to create a successful sound studio. And, in Paris, I did. I had pursued my passion and built one of Parises most successful music recording studios. But, I had also grown up in my mother’s kitchen, helping , tasting, falling in love with spices and textures, immersed in the magic of the alchemy of cooking.

To me, cooking is like composing and playing beautiful music, the flavors working together harmoniously, each ingredient introduced at exactly the right moment to create a beautiful symphony of colors, flavors and textures.

Wanting a change of lifestyle, we moved to Bali. My wife and I started inviting people to our villa for Moroccan family style meals. Soon I had a “very large extended family”! Our villa became an impromptu restaurant, word was spreading about the fabulous Moroccan meals in a ‘secret villa’. Demand kept growing. Soon, I had no choice but to open a dedicated restaurant . I had a new passion project that I was loving every moment of and felt this was what I was really born to do. Within six months of revealing my Little bit of Morocco, Tagin was voted most popular restaurant in Bali by Trip Advisor. Now, we are voted in the top ten restaurants in the world! It is now my pleasure to invite you to experience the flavors and the culture of my world and that which is close to my heart, welcome to Tagin, The Moroccan heart of Bali.



Just before New Year, my girlfriend, myself and four friends discovered this wonderful and authentic piece of Morocco discreetly nestled in Seminyak. From the moment we entered till the time we left we felt like we were being treated like family. This husband and wife run establishment is truly remarkable. The attention to detail in the decor is very impressive and our hosts made us feel very comfortable. We tried the tagine itself and also some couscous dishes. They were fantastic. The meat from the lamb shank just fell off the bone, the marinated grilled chicken was to die for, the fresh bread delicious, but my own favourite was the totally amazing home made lamb and beef Merguez sausages;so good that we all ordered extra to take home! The prices were very reasonable, especially as the meat is imported, we shared a couple of bottles of wine but more importantly we made friends with the owners Momo and his lovely wife Intan. A true culinary oasis. There really is nothing quite like this restaurant anywhere in Bali.

Highly recommended!

Absolutely delicious. Take your shoes off when you enter, exactly as one does when entering a private home in Indonesia. All good. And they have these beautiful carpets that cover the entire floor. Feels so good under foot. We shared a tabbouleh which was very well balanced, and bursting with flavor, along with a vegetable “brick”, which vaguely resembles an Indian samosa, but with so much more flavor.

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